- Dad. Solo show. Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark

- Venturing Beyond. Group show, Somerset House, London


- 13. Group show, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

- Group show, Le Fix Gallery, Copenhagen

- Selfie. Group show, Gallery Steinsland Berliner. Stockholm

- All types of characters. Joshua Liner Gallery, New York

- Surface, Group show. Allouche Gallery, New York

- Group show, Winterlong Gallery, Niort France

- Morning. Solo show at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

- New drawings, solo in the basement space, V1 Gallery

- The Nude Show, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus

- Mapping The City, Somerset House, London


- Cruel Summer, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York

- Inaugural Exhibition, Allouche Gallery, New York

- Knock! Knock! Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid

- Et Brask spark, Munkeruphus

- Duck Show, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, New York

- Group show at Alice Gallery in Brussels

- A solo show at Passagen, Linköping kunsthal in Sweden

- Here is somewhere else. A solo show at Charlotte Fogh Gallery


- The hanging. Mike Swaney and I at Ruttkowski68 in Cologne.

- Smæk. A group show at the Storm P. Museum in Copenhagen

- Future memory. A group show at Hellerau in Dresden, Germany

- Nudes, a group show at Guerrero Gallery. San Francisco

- Chicken or Beef. A group show at The Hole, New York

- Birthday group show, SteinslandBerliner Gallery in Stockholm

- One of these days. Solo show at V1 Gallery. Copenhagen

- Print show in the V1 Gallery basement space (solo)


- My 10 year anniversary show at the KØS Museum

- Visit Tingbjerg

- Louisiana museum.

- Guerrero Gallery, Group show. San Francisco

- The Hole gallery, New York. Group show

- Secret garden. Gl Holtegaard. Group show.

- Group show, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus

- Skateboard at Kunsten museum, Aalborg

- Domesticated Souls. Group show at Alice Gallery. Brussels.

- Bouh! Nosbaum & Reding gallery, Luxembourg


- Alone Together a solo show at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary

- Con Amore. AROS Museum

- Fake IDs. HuskMitNavn & Horfe at Gallery Steinsland Berliner

- HuskMitNavn at Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York

- Sweatboxing. Mama, Rotterdam.

- Hang the prints. Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm

- I was a satisfied young Wizard. Mir, Oslo


- Winter group show at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary

- Solo show at V1 Gallery. Mens vi venter på opsvinget.

- Solo show at Schäfer Grafisk Værksted

- Album, V1 Gallery

- Summer 10, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary

- En hilsen til Ib Geertsen, Danske grafikers hus

- The Last Night. By Barry McGee & HuskMitNavn. Alice Gallery

- The last night. Process photos

- To the road less travelled (V1 Gallery)

- De Welt als Bühne


- Fra vugge til grav (Solo show)

- Brickism

- Ryk ind (Overgaden, Copenhagen)

- Human nature (Charlotte Fog Contemporary)

- "It takes two" LaViolaBank Gallery, New York (Solo show)

- Street art-inspiration (Vejle Kunstmuseum)

- WOK Store, Milano Italy (Solo show)

- Wood pushers, Hecklewood Gallery, Portland USA

- News of the day, Galleri Slugen, Esbjerg Denmark


- Year 1, LaViolaBank Gallery, New York

- The destruction of Atlantis, Union Gallery, London

- Images of resistance (Charlotte Fogh Contemporary)

- U-turn, part 1 (Copenhagen)

- U-turn, part 2 (Copenhagen)

- Icons for now (Århus, Denmark)

- Birthday show (Charlotte Fogh Contemporary)

- København søges (solo at V1 Gallery)

- Museo De San Carlos (Mexico City)

- Coupling (Charlotte Fogh Contemporary)


- Comix (Odense)

- Going to bed (Chicago)

- Prints and beyond (Solo show,Hamburg)

- Different group shows

- Backjumps-The live issue 3 (Berlin)

- A day in the life of a fool (Solo show, Brussels)

- Tåstrup (Solo show, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary)

- There is a U in US (V1 gallery)

- The Secret Fire Escape (Canada)

- The dog show (Wurstgallery USA)


- I skumringen (Larm galleri)

- Said And Done (USA)

- Your Cartoon Neighbours (Solo show, Stockholm)

- Your Cartoon Neighbours and the public.

- Hit And Run

- 10 exhibition

- muhameDANSK (Solo show, V1 gallery)


- Between (Råhuset).

- Backjumps-The live issue part 2 (Berlin)

- The Future is a thing of the past (Solo show, Berlin)

- Danish (Danish Design Center).

- The dictionary project (Boston).

- Generation vacation 2 (Scandinavia).


- Sneaker stories (Norse gallery).

- Dirty Dansk (Råhuset).

- Copenhagen blow up (Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki).

- Posters, videos and other stuff (Barcelona).

- Generation vacation (Scandinavia).

- Afar (Råhuset).

- Danish Posters (Japan).

- Everwanting Streets (Gothenburg, Sweden).

- The Royal Cheese shop (Solo show, Paris).

- A celebration of rebellion (Gallery V1)


- Dishwasher safe (The wurst gallery, USA).

- Say would you fancy a game of tennis?

- Drawings 2003 (Kopenhagen Shop).

- illustreret lidenskab (Solo show, Gallery V1).

- Backjumps-The live issue, part 1 (Urban Art Info, Berlin)

- Midweek Brakes (Rust nightclub).

- Mad stiller sulten (Den Grafisk Højskole).

- Hva´så kælling skal du ha´en Smirnoff Ice? (Rust)

- Ghetto fashion week (Gallery V1).

- Bjarne Lillers klæbeånd.

- Kvindelig bassist søges (Vega nightclub).


- Ask for trouble (Urban art info, Berlin).

- Byen Brænder (Streetart in Copenhagen).

-The grass is greener on the other side.


- Castle CPH T-shirt exhibition (Le Fix Gallery)